We have a portfolio of electrical apps from basic Ohms Law to a Cable Size Calculator

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We are in all the major App Stores and serve many countries worldwide.


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Smart Electrical Apps for the Smart Electrician



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All our iPhone & iPad apps are true native applications developed using the very latest iOS SDK’s by our expert iOS programmers

Our Android apps are only developed using reliable SDK’s to ensure the smooth running of applications native or otherwise.

Not as popular as other platforms but still a very stable platform to develop on, again we use the very latest software development kits to ensure all apps are kept up to date with the latest trends

We don’t just build apps and leave them, we are constantly updating our apps so if you do stumble across a bug please let us know at info@pro-certs.com

If you require an app for iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone 7 for your business then you have come to the right place, just drop us an email and we shall get right back to you. Electrical app development by the industry experts.

We are currently developing a new update to the Electrical Tools and Reference App which includes a Cable Calculator, Max Zs Values, PFC Calculator, R1+R2 Calculator, Ohms Law, Reference Charts and much much more.

We are in all the major app stores and serve many countries worldwide.


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