2 Runners Make History 5,020 Miles Apart with Sociercise iPhone App

[MobilePRwire] – On October 20th two men ran in a 2 kilometer race against each other in real time while physically being over 5,000 miles apart. They were testing the beta version of their new iPhone app, Sociercise Real Time Running Races. Following the successful test and other tests with more runners the app has been submitted to Apple for review in the AppStore. Once confirmed in the AppStore runners can download it free for a limited time.

Earlier this week two men competed against each other in a running race. On the surface that isn’t much of a newsworthy topic. However, these two individuals were separated by 5,020 miles. On Saturday the two men, founders of a company called Sociercise, tested the beta version of an iPhone app the two created. Following the successful race the application called Sociercise-Real Time Running Races was submitted to Apple, Inc. to be accepted into the AppStore.

The Sociercise app allows any number of runners to compete in real-time races against other runners from across the globe. In the test race Bobby Valentine began his race at his home in the North Georgia mountains near Atlanta, Georgia. At the same time, Tom Vinkler’s starting line was a city park near Budapest, Hungary. A distance of over 5,000 miles separated the two runners. At 8:30 am EDT, following the race countdown on their iPhones, the two runners began the race. After going back and forth a couple times during the race it was over by 8:40 am and history was made with Tom Vinkler crossing the virtual finish line first with a time of 9 minutes and 38 seconds in the 2k race.

Talking about losing to his business partner Valentine said, “I think Tom is faster now, but I plan on beating him after some training. But all in all it was a good, fun, and motivating race. Every time he passed me I sped up, but I just couldn’t get by him at the end.” Tom Vinkler commented that the race was “fun and energizing and I’m happy to have won the first Sociercise race.”

In addition to competing in real-time races, the Sociercise Real-Time Running Races app is a full-featured running application for iPhone users complete with individual workout tracking, goal setting and monitoring, and a workout log. Runners can also share their information with friends across social networks with Facebook and Twitter integration. A future version of the Sociercise app will include charity races and treadmill races. Once approved for sale in the AppStore the Sociercise app will be free for a limited time.

Sociercise makes every day a race day.

Sociercise, LLC is a partnership dedicated to developing powerful solutions for runners, fitness enthusiasts, and non-profit organizations to enable and encourage them to make a difference in their lives and communities.

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