2Fuse – Finger Busting Fun for Everyone

[MobilePRwire] – Mojo Forest has given its popular mobile action puzzle game 2Fuse a fresh makeover and is literally bringing it to the streets. Fans will not only get to enjoy better graphics and gameplay, but also get a shot at proving their skills in the newly launched 2Fuse Global Challenge.

Available on the iOS and Android and best described as a twin-matching arcade puzzle game, 2Fuse has been gaining fans steadily since its launch about a year ago. While it started off modestly, 2Fuse saw an explosive growth in fans a few months back after blogs and famous personalities wrote about the addictive game and has not looked back since.

For the uninitiated, 2Fuse is a fast and furious arcade-styled game which pits players against the clock to match and fuse as many similar icons as they possibly can within sixty seconds. Every completed cycle bestows special powers to enhance the player’s gameplay and score. This may sound simple enough, but mastery of the game is a completely different matter.

Here are some interesting statistics about the game so far –

Total Game Sessions : 12 Million
Games Played: 20 Million (based on average game sessions of about 3 minutes each)
Monthly Active Users : 200,000
Gender Demography : 70% females and 30% males (although the world champion is a male)

To reward its fans for supporting the game, Singapore-based developer Mojo Forest is giving 2Fuse a facelift and launching the 2Fuse Global Challenge.

“The 2Fuse Global Challenge is our way of rewarding our fans and reaching out to them both online and out on the streets.” says Huang Jianfei, Game Designer of Mojo Forest. “We have already launched the Singapore and Philippines Street Challenges and will be going to different countries in the future. Fans can also join our online challenges and win themselves some prizes.”

2Fuse Features

– It boasts a simple and straight forward gameplay
– Anyone from 5 to 75 can play the game (tried and tested)
– It is fast paced and highly competitive
– It is easy to pick up but tough to master
– It provides short and quick sessions for those times you just need something to do
– Speed, gameplay, graphics and sound come together to provide a satisfying experience
– It is hard not to look cool playing 2Fuse, even when you suck at it

Mojo Forest is an independent games development studio founded on March 2011. We’re based in Singapore, and we do casual games that appeal and evoke the inner child in everyone.

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