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[MobilePRwire] – Are you frustrated with little keys and cumbersome editing on your touchscreen phone? Entropy Wrap – a Denver, Colorado based mobile solutions company has released an innovative approach to this very common problem. ZoomKee Keyboard is an Android keyboard application that replaces your standard keyboard and provides a new way to type with zoom.

ZoomKee Keyboard – This patent pending technology automatically magnifies the keyboard around the characters you are typing, making it significantly easier to edit text. While a majority of existing Android keyboards focus on aggressive prediction techniques to guess what the user is typing, ZoomKee Keyboard aims to put the user back in control of typing. It combines a familiar QWERTY layout with a zoom feature that provides essential control over typed characters.

You can magnify a word that needs fixing and easily replace specific characters with the magnified keyboard. This makes it significantly easier to type words that are not in dictionary, such as names and addresses. Now you need not use backspace and retype a word. The ZoomKee prediction engine also updates its suggestions based on your editing actions making it easier to fix typos and find words from the dictionary.

The ZoomKee keyboard features multiple zoom styles. Users can choose from:
– Stretch – Stretch the keyboard in the horizontal direction for narrow screens.
– Magnify – Magnify the keyboard in both directions for small screens.
– Fisheye – Larger keys around typed character with the full keyboard in view.
– Static – Suitable for editing words on wide screen devices.

The ZoomKee Keyboard combines a simple no clutter layout with an array of colorful skin options designed to make the user experience more delightful.

For Android smartphones, ZoomKee Keyboard for English is now available free for a limited time on Google’s Play Store (over 1500 different android devices are supported).

The ZoomKee Keyboard application for Android is created by Entropy Wrap LLC, that was founded in 2012 near the beautiful Rockies at Denver, Colorado with a goal to develop innovative solutions that challenge existing mobile interfaces and design.

Read the full press release at MobilePRwire.com

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