A one stop ‘app’ for all your kid’s edutainment needs

[MobilePRwire] – Modern technologies like TV, Computer, Smartphone, Tablets etc are powerful media to attract young children’s attention because of its ability to present information visually which has proved much more effective than the traditional methods of education. Of all these, TV has one of the main disadvantages because it is passive while the others are interactive. Compared to Computers, Smartphone and Tablets are much easier for the preschool kids to learn to use and is easily portable.

While designing Kid’s Zone, we had only one thing in mind that it should be an app which will allow kids to learn themselves by having lots of fun and that too in one single app.

Our preschooler was the inspiration behind building this app. She always enjoyed learning alphabets and numbers on starfall.com… and also enjoyed watching kids videos on youtube. Even though we speak a different language at home, she easily picked up spanish words seeing Dora in Nick jr. Since, it was difficult to take our computer or TV wherever we go, we decided to develop an app that could do all these in one single app and which she could enjoy wherever she went.

Nowadays, parents mostly want to raise multilingual kids either because they are from different lingual backgrounds or they understand the benefits of Multilingualism. To cater to needs of such parents/educators, we have a feature in Kid’s Zone called ‘Learn ABCs’ which will give the first steps for a kid to be multilingual. A preschooler can easily learn alphabets and numbers in English, Spanish, French and German.

We know that memory games help children to develop cognitive ability, memory and concentration and also they prove to be very beneficial in the later part of life. With this in mind, we have included a simple Matching game in Kid’s Zone.
Kid’s Zone also has a drawing tool since we all know kids love to draw and paint. With iPhone’s touch feature, kids can draw and doodle with the maximum ease. The stencils feature teaches them about shapes and also helps kids to perfect their art.

Every parent like me would always want our kids to watch kid friendly videos only. The kids video/youtube feature in Kid’s Zone will save parents lots of headaches to know that their kids are only watching videos that are perfect for their age. Many teachers can avoid situations like what happened when Preschool children in Normandy were left unsupervised to watch a porn film after the teacher thought she had downloaded a cartoon but clicked on the wrong file.

We have a free version which is ad-supported and the link is

For those, who don’t like ads, we have the following paid version ($1.99)

We also have an iPad version for Kid’s Zone.We have plans to come out with Kid’s Zone 2 later this year because of the overwhelming response for the need of Kids apps in the market.

Motion 9 Studios is a mobile app development company which has more than 20 apps in the App store as of date. Other educational simulation apps we have are Kinetic Balls and Tesla Magic. Kinetic Balls became Top 1 when it was launched in Feb-March 2010.

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