A.T. GUN 3D A First-Hand Experience of Operation Overlord

[MobilePRwire] – The game, A.T. GUN 3D – Battle of Normandy, launched on Google Play , will give hardcore gamers a taste of World War II on their mobile screen. It is the D-Day, 6th of June, 1944. You, being a part of the Western Allied troops, have landed with your marines and military engineering divisions behind the German lines. Now it is up to you to fight the Germans in order to liberate Normandy and the rest of Western Europe from the German hold. Good Luck!

A.T. GUN 3D (Operation Overlord), released on Google Play, will allow warfare game enthusiasts to indulge their senses in the ultimate warfare scenario. The game has been designed by C.G. Software and includes 3D sounds such as marine alert sounds, vehicle sounds and explosion sounds. A 3D view of the battleground can be seen from the point of target with multiple cameras from different angles to facilitate the player.

This is a mobile-based game and has a background that revolves around the invasion of German-occupied Normandy by the Allied Forces of the West. The scene is set on the D-Day, 6th of June, 1944, when the Western Allied Forces invaded Normandy to establish a foothold and liberate Western Europe from the clutches of Germany.

The main features this game includes are:
• 12 challenging missions
• 11 unique terrains
• Life-like 3D sounds
• Multiple cameras
• A variety of destructive weapons
• Status messages on top of the screen
• Verbal messages

A.T. GUN 3D consists of 12 challenging missions, each of which will give gamers a chance to use well-constructed strategies and tactics to defeat the German hold on Normandy and the rest of Western Europe. The 11 different terrains in the game will provide gamers a chance to feel themselves as a natural part of the entire setting.

The main technology used in the game is the A.T. Gun or the Anti-Tank Gun, developed by the Allied research division. It is a fixed long-range gun that has a thick armor and the ability to create massive destruction. Other secondary weapons used in the game are Molotov Cocktail (liquid inflammable bomb) that can effectively destroy tanks and bunkers, Smoke to stop enemies or reduce their firing speed, and Parabombs that are parachute bombs dropped from B-17 bomber planes. The game also includes a variety of enemy objects like Panther Tanks, Tiger Tanks, and Concrete Bunkers Supply Trucks. What sets these enemy objects apart and makes A.T. GUN 3D a more challenging game than others is the fact that even the bunkers are resilient and can shoot back.

The screen of A.T. GUN 3D shows the battleground, the target position and status messages on the top. The Ammo is upgraded or the speed of it is increased based on the user’s performance at every level. All upgrades are verbally announced with other messages during the game.
The company spokesperson said, “We have designed the game to portray the actual scenario of D-Day. Hardcore gaming enthusiasts would certainly enjoy this mobile-based game as it tantalizes the senses with its brilliant sounds and many other interesting features.”

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About C.G.Software
An exclusive business solutions provider, C.G. Software offers a range of specialized services that include 3D games, mobile games, 3D animation, modeling, business consultancy, web and desktop applications development and project management. The company’s engineers and design experts strive to offer high quality products and services as well as state-of-the-art promotional tools to cater to budding corporations.

The company also designed A.T. GUN 3D, an engaging game to appeal the wide audience of hardcore gamers. For further information, you can contact them using the details given below.

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