[MobilePRwire] – Newly Updated Application Provides Plans, Targets, and Motivation! ALPORTELA LABS are delighted to publicise their highly successful healthy nutrition and lifestyle application, “Diet Assistant – Weight Loss,” available now exclusively across Android platforms free of charge, with a Pro version available at a cost of $2.99 (£1.98).

“Diet Assistant – Weight Loss” is already globally popular, with over 1.7million downloads and users in over 220 countries worldwide.

“Diet Assistant – Weight Loss” offers a variety of diet plans tailored to the overall health and lifestyle objectives of the user. While the focus of the application is around weight tracking and control, it is also an ideal companion for individuals simply looking to give their nutrition the focus it needs to maintain a healthy way of life. While the target demographic for “Diet Assistant – Weight Loss” is the female 25 – 45 category, anyone who is looking to diet, lose weight, or merely improve their diet would find this application beneficial.

The key features of “Diet Assistant – Weight Loss” are what stand it out in front of similar applications in the market. Users have access to a wide variety of diet plans, including vegetarian, pescetarian, and high-protein options. These can then all be tailored depending on the objectives of the user, whether this is to lose weight, maintain their weight, or just eat healthier. A simple weight tracking tool and chart is contained within the application to allow users to view their progress and increase their motivation levels as they approach their goals.

The in-built forum feature, accessible through authenticating a Twitter or Facebook account, allows users of “Diet Assistant – Weight Loss” to speak with other users and find motivation from discussing their diet with likeminded individuals.

Each diet plan comes with a dedicated shopping list feature, so the user can easily see the items they need to buy in order to create the recipes listed within “Diet Assistant – Weight Loss.” Flexibility is also a key component of the application; users are able to substitute any ingredients for others should they not be to their taste. Helpfully, “Diet Assistant – Weight Loss” will indicate which are the suitable choices based on your diet plan and weight objectives.
By upgrading to the Pro version of “Diet Assistant – Weight Loss,” users can enjoy a number of added features and benefits. These include the ability to create an exclusive, individual meal plan or put together your own meals. This feature is perfect for creating a recipe seen in a magazine or on television, or are borrowing from a friend in the Diet Assistant forum! Pro also gives users the opportunity to take advantage of a homepage widget displaying the next meal, as well as the option to set handy reminders when it is necessary to buy foods for their diet plan or update their weight tracker.

“Diet Assistant – Weight Loss” is the highest ranked diet planning and healthy eating application available from Google Play, with a number of positive comments from users from all around the world. Many users have noted that they saw great results using the application, with the advantage that they didn’t spend a lot of money on joining health clubs or consulting with a professional nutritionist. User Luc stated that he found “Diet Assistant – Weight Loss,” a “Great app will help motivate you to keep reaching for your health and weight goals!” while CharlesNYC noted, “It’s a great motivator on the fight against weight loss.”

An iOS compatible version of “Diet Assistant – Weight Loss” is currently in the advanced stages of development, and will be available soon.

Alportela Labs are an independent application developer, with a wide portfolio of lifestyle enhancing applications currently on the Android marketplace.

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