Add Spice And Fun To Your Sex Life With New Android Game

[MobilePRwire] – Are you looking to reignite your sex life? Do you want to add fun and passion to occasional sex encounters? This game will revive and supercharge passion in your bedroom and elsewhere, all while you are having a lot of fun playing it.

“Spice Up” is absolutely the hottest and most rewarding erotic game for your phone. It takes the sex dice and related board games to a whole new level. Brace yourself for a steamy night filled with passion and intimacy.

* Live your naughty, kinky and most intimate fantasies and wishes using personalized acts

* Progress from innocent, playful foreplay to hot, intimate love making at your own pace

* Customize the game play every time by turning selective players and acts on

* Setup acts as per your sexual preference

* Use pass code protection to stop others from peeking

If you are utilizing sex therapy or marriage counseling as a couple, this game will supplement the benefits by increasing the quality of your sex life.

In bestseller “Fifty Shades of Grey”, Christian inspires Ana to ask for what she wants during sex. In this game, you get complete control over acts and pace of the game to ask for and get what you want from your partner for fulfilling experience.

The game is available in free and paid versions. Start with the free version to check it out. There are no ads in the free version. The only restriction in the free version is that you can not add more players or acts. Get the paid version once you are ready for full experience.

This android game is now available in Google Play Store.

The Spice Up game is developed by Vaanu Entertainment, a web and mobile development company focused on entertainment and education.

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