Anger Face Smash: The return of the enraged creature!

[MobilePRwire] – He is back and he is now angrier than ever! Anger Face finally got out of his water well, and now he is ready for a new challenge : The outside world. After the good result of the first game, the second episode won’t let you down. A mini-game that won’t cost you a buck and will still be worth it. You will be able to play it anywhere (maybe not when driving a tractor), anytime (ok maybe when driving a tractor) .

You will have to do one thing and one thing only: Hit the Anger Face with a baseball bat.

That’s right: Just hit him and try to get as far as possible.

But beware, the road to success won’t be easy. You will have many obstacles that will come into your way to slow you down or even stop you.

Anger Face hate funny thing. He hates being happy. So don’t touch anything that could give him a good mood. Free money? Fluffy bear? Happy Face? Don’t touch them! Anger Face would get happier, and he would lose all his powers. Each items has a different effect on him, so be careful!

How can you dodge them? Just Jump!! Now you will ask me: “But uncle Crafty, how can Anger Face jumps, he doesn’t even have legs!!” . That’s how great this Anger ball is! He can jump without any limbs. The anger is just stronger then the laws of physics.

But don’t worry, not everything is against you. You will discover a new kind of items: Angry Items. Those items are there to help you. Like Happy items, each one of them has a different effect on you. But it will always make your Anger Face angrier than before. And don’t forget: Angry = Better.

You want more challenge? There is a good amount of objectives that you can accomplish and your best score will be displayed in a worldwide ranking.
Need more??? Show off your Anger Face kicking skills by sharing them on Facebook. So much prestige!!!

Now go click our link below and give it a try! It’s worth it (It’s free, so you have nothing to lose!). And please don’t forget to review the game, we love review. Especially reviews that make no sense or are full of sarcasm, those are the best.

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