Cable Size Calculator

Calculate pvc/pvc cable sizes with ease!

Cable size calculator for Android calculates cable sizes for pvc/pvc cables for all common domestic installation methods. Take the headache out of cable calculations, let the app do the math!

Watch the cable size calculator in action!

Watch htis demo video to see how easy it is to use.
A handy app for domestic installer electricians. Calculates cable sizes in seconds, enter your design current and cable length, choose from the pre set options and your results will be displayed. Also calculates Zs, r1+r2 and volt drop and applies the relevent correction factors. It also compares the calculated values with any maximum permitted values such as volt drop or Zs value

Calculates volt drop

Enter your maximum volt drop % (usually 3% for lighting circuits and 5% for power circuits) and the cable calculator will check the volt drop against your maximum volt drop. If the calculation exceeds your maximum volt drop the results page will display an X next the calculated volt drop where you can then press the cable size+1 button which will then select the next available bigger cable size and re calculate all the calculations with the press on a button.

Pre programmed installation methods

Selecting an installation method can not be easyer, just choose one from the list. Each installation method has background data relating to correction factors and cable ratings which are used for the final calculation.

Choose your protective device

Select your protective device and device rating from the list, each device and rating has been pre programmed with the maximum permitted Zs values as per BS7671, the app will use this information to check against the calculated Zs values.

Auto calculates correction factors

Select your installation method and then select from the further options which the app will use to obtain any correction factors required if any from it’s built-in database, so no internet connection is required as all data has been built into the app it’s self.

Helpful info pages

Forgotten which installation method is which? Then check out the help pages for a reminder with diagrames and easy to understand descriptions.

Results are displayed in a clean table

The results shown displays your selected cable type, the applied correction factors, the calculated cable size, the calculated r1+r2, the calculated Zs, the maximum permitted Zs, volt drop and the tabulated current.

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