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Electrical App for Windows Phone

Electrical Calc’s for the Windows Phone is a multiple electrical calculator which includes Watts Amps Volts, Max Zs Values, kVA Calculator GenSet Calculator, Power Factor Calculator and many more for single & three phase calculations. Take the headache out of electrical calculations, let the app do the math!

Watch Electrical Calc’s in action!

Watch this demo video to see how easy it is to use.
A handy and simple to use electrical calculator for electricians and electrical engineers.

Includes a kVA Calculator

Calculate to or from kVA, Volts or Amps for single and three phase calculations. Enter any two values to calculate the other.

Includes a Three Phase kW Calculator

Calculates to or from kW, Power Factor, Volts or Amps. Enter any three values to calculate the forth.

Includes Max Zs Values

Select your protective device and device rating from the list, each device and rating has been pre programmed with the maximum permitted Zs values as per BS7671, the app will use this information look up the Zs value for the chosen device from the built-in data base.

Includes a Generator Load Calculator

Input your electrical appliances and generator details and the app will check the total loading against the generator rating, never overload a generator again.

Includes an Ohms Law Calculator

Our Ohms Law calculator “Watts Amps Volts” can calculate to or from Watts, Amps or Volts single phase and Watts, Amps, Volts and Power Factor three phase.

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Very useful quick reference.


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