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#1 Electrical Tools & Reference

iPhone Electrical AppsElectrical Tools (& Reference) is an all in one multi-functional electrical app designed specifically for electricians to assist with day to day calculations & charts.

Includes many tools, electrical calculators and reference charts.

The image shown on the left is the electrical tools main menu, there is also a home page main menu and a reference main menu which will help you to navigate around the app to find the built-in application, calculator or reference chart you require.


A Smart Electrical App for the Smart Electrician.

Picture Picture Picture


#2 Cable Calculator

PictureCable size calculator to BS 7671 incorporating amendment 3 2015, calculates cable sizes with ease.

Correction factors:
Cg – Grouping
Ci – Thermal insulation
Ca – Ambient air and ground temperature
Cf – BS 3036 fuses

Also takes in to account of volt drop, max Zs, cable length, correction factors and installation methods.


A simple and easy to use cable calculator

 Cable Calculator Picture

#3 Max Zs Values

PictureCalculate the maximum permissible Zs values for BS EN devices such
as MCB’s, RCBO’s and fuses to BS 7671.

+ BS Fuses
+ 100% Zs Values
+ 80% Temperature Adjusted Values
+ Manufacturer MCCB specific Zs charts
+ Max Zs for RCBO’s and RCD’s in TT earthing systems


A handy app for the professional Electrician

Picture Picture


#4 kVA Calculator – coming soon!


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