Big Buttons Keyboard App for Android Simplifies Handheld Typing

[MobilePRwire] – Big Buttons Keyboard, a new app for Android devices, is making some long overdue adjustments to mobile character entry. The app’s unique Delta II keyboard layout allows users to enter characters more quickly and accurately than the standard QWERTY configuration.

App’s modified keyboard layout is set up for speed and accuracy

Typing on most mobile devices can be frustrating. The keys are often too small, making typos practically inevitable. This problem stems from the fact that mobile devices have almost universally adopted the QWERTY keyboard configuration, which is the standard layout for computer keyboards. While QWERTY works perfectly well on a large scale, it is designed for two-handed use, and becomes quite difficult to manage when scaled to fit a mobile phone.

Big Buttons Keyboard works by rearranging the keys to better fit most mobile typing interfaces, allowing the keys to be larger and easier to hit. Instead of reinventing the wheel, the app capitalizes on users’ familiarity with the QWERTY layout. Its patented Delta II configuration locates keys in proximity to their placement on a QWERTY keyboard, allowing users to reflexively hit the exact key they’re looking for. This makes it easy for users to transition to Big Buttons Keyboard without having to learn an entirely new system.

Big Buttons Keyboard has received high critical acclaim from the tech community:

“We keyed faster and with fewer mistakes using Big Buttons than with our phone’s usual keyboard.” -CNET

“We have looked at your Delta II keypad and we see some important applications that your device may provide us for our operations.” -Commander Naval Special Warfare Group TWO (US Navy SEALs).

“It’s very nice. I have an HTC Android with a physical keyboard, but this is so good I don’t think I need it.” -Dr. Donald A. Norman, world-renowned usability expert, author and cognitive scientist.

The patented Delta II modified-QWERTY keyboard layout can be licensed for use in devices such as smartphones, TV remote controls, portable medical equipment, smartwatches, etc.

Big Buttons Keyboard is available from the Google Play Store. Users can either download a free version of the app or upgrade to the deluxe version for $2.99. Features of the deluxe version include predictive text, multilingual speech-to-text, adjustable vibration and click volume, customizable themes and large cursor keys.

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