BOOST MY BATTERY HD app: More power for your Android device

[MobilePRwire] – IMMANITAS ENTERTAINMENT GmbH, a globally operating publisher of high quality digital media, is proud to announce the release of the free utility app “Boost My Battery HD”.

The name says it all: Boost My Battery HD gives phones or tablets much more battery power! This application provides the best features to save the battery time of the users device. Whenever the battery runs low or is losing too much power too fast then users just need to turn on the saving mode inside the app. Charge phones or tablets less, use it longer and make the battery much stronger – Boost My Battery HD will do the trick!

– Free app
– 3 modes for energy saving
– Notification bar
– Charge Alerts
– Usage chart
– Task Killer Feature

Know instantly how much time you spend with your phone or tablet for:
– Talking on the phone
– Sending text messages
– Listening to music
– Watching videos
– Internet Usage
– Standby time
– Battery health status
– Temperature of your phone or tablet
– Voltage

Get all the details about YOUR battery:
– Current in mAH
– Health Condition
– Temperature in Celsius(ºC)
– Voltage in mV
– Technology used
– Plugged via USB or wall mount charger
– Show Status if Charging or not charging

Boost My Battery HD provides three types of modes to save your battery when it runs low.

1. Saving Mode: (Suggested to use in lowest Battery Status)
Brightness set to 10%
InActivate Wifi of the Device
Stand By time set to 15 seconds

2. Sleep Mode: (Suggested to use when you sleep)
Turn Off Call & SMS and turn ON the Flight Mode
Vibrations Off
Sound Off and mute the device.
Brightness set to 10%

3. Customised Mode
Easily customise all the modes depend on your usage to save Battery as much as you need.
Can adjust the battery saving setting freely depend on your need and usage.
Can adjust wifi, bluetooth, vibration, sound, device brightness, synchronisation and stand by time.

On top there is a great and safe Task Killer Feature:
– Display all the running apps with detailed memory, icon, update time, size
– Kill the running task for power optimisation and memory consumption
– Working as HUGE Memory Booster

Boost My Battery HD offers all this in one app and is available as of today at GooglePlay for free!

Immanitas Entertainment GmbH is a globally operating publisher of digital entertainment in the highest quality headquartered in Berlin, with a branch office in Bangkok.
The company brings together a highly motivated team of people with many years of experience in the tech industry who are passionate for producing high quality programs. The business focuses on marketing and direct end customer sales of numerous products, including multiplayer and social games for internet and all mobile platforms. They also distribute entertaining products for next gen consoles and PC.

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