BreakBox 3D Arcade Game App Bounces Into Google Play

[MobilePRwire] – Independent software developer Plum Lizard announced today that arcade Android™ game ”BreakBox” has been released for free through Google Play – Google‘s™ digital distribution system for Android-based devices.

BreakBox is 3D arcade game that stars the yellow ball. The ball bounces in a box-shaped room and must break all bricks to earn points. Bricks have different point values and different behaviors. The game is controlled by tilting the device in appropriate direction. The balanced position of the device can be calibrated by touching the arrow cross in the bottom-left corner of the game screen.

The principle of the BreakBox game is simple, but it requires focus, precision and foresight from the player. The game has more than one hundred levels placed on five pages. The player must earn at least 64 stars to unlock the next page of levels.

Plum Lizard company concentrates on Android applications development. We are located in Bratislava, Slovakia, EU.

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