Calling all Dragons The Army needs YOU!

[MobilePRwire] – Appublica announces the launch of ‘Military Draco’ on iOS. Control Draco, the world’s first Military Dragon. Use fireballs to eliminate enemies across 42 levels filled with tricky physics, fiendish puzzles and…chickens?

We all know humans are lazy. Most of them are unhealthy slobs who sit around all day eating pizza and playing video games. But when the Military are forced to draft Dragons into active service instead of people, you know there’s a national crisis. Doesn’t anyone but mythical fire-breathing creatures want to serve their country anymore?

Enter ‘Military Draco’. In this action-packed physics puzzler, players take control of Draco – the world’s first military Dragon – as he breathes great balls of fire to overcome a range of obstacles and dastardly enemies.

By tapping and holding the screen, and pulling back on Draco’s tail, his mouth fills with fire. Releasing shoots the fireball in the arc you’ve chosen. The aim of each level is to bypass the strategically placed obstructions and burn the enemy at the other side of the level. Draco only has a limited number of fireballs to use, and stages are constructed so that real thought is needed to succeed. Players will quickly learn that strategy and planning are just as important as angle and aiming in order to earn Draco his stripes!

Exhibiting a high level of skill in the standard levels also unlocks bonus levels to further challenge the player. Only the best of the best will see these stages which require a consistently strong performance to uncover!

‘Military Draco’ also features ‘Toonplay’ visuals. ‘Toonplay’ is a unique graphical style developed by Appublica that references the organic quality of hand-drawn art. Brought to life on a retina display, it’s detailed and distinctive appearance is truly unlike anything else on the App Store.

Themed enemies such as snowmen, pumpkins and ghosts inhabiting 42 levels which become progressively more difficult and addictive. The stages fully display the ‘Toonplay’ art style character models with backgrounds that look as if they were painted by brushstrokes on a canvas. Military Draco is a puzzle game that will keep even the most hardened of gamers challenged.

And if more people take Draco’s example, get off their sofas and sign up for the Military, remember you’ve got Appublica to thank!

Appublica is a game developing and publishing company founded in 2012. They develop their own mobile games for iOS and Android, as well as publishing for other developers.

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