Cat basketball game for iPhone – Can a cat dunk?

[MobilePRwire] – A new game Cat Basketball by Manoolgames has been released in App Store. It’s a game for those people who like shooting the ball into the basket in a relaxed manner, without time pressure, focusing purely on accuracy of your shots. And it’s obviously for those who like cats.

Cat Basketball is a game about a British cat named Mr. Whiskers who decided to turn his owner’s apartment into basketball playground.

Unlike the majority of “score-as-much-as-you-can-in-a-minute” basketball games, Cat basketball is aimed at those people who do not like to be stressed while playing, but prefer to focus on accuracy without time pressure.

The game contains 36 levels, but at the very beginning 12 levels are already unlocked. In order to go to the next 12 levels the player does not have to score maximum in each level, but should only have a “total score” number above the needed threshold.

One of the best game’s features is DUNK-levels, when Mr. Whiskers should jump and slam the ball into the basket like a pro NBA player. At the same time his girlfriend Fiffany (also a British cat) will try to block him.

Cat basketball would be interesting for those people who do not have much time to play games, but sometimes just want to take out their iPhones and make a couple of shots into the basket while they are standing in line, waiting for the bus or having a short break at work.
The game is Free.

Manoolgames is an independent games/apps development studio

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