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Melesta Games releases new update for Toy Monsters MMORPG!

Melesta Games has launched version 1.6 of its turn-based MMORPG Toy Monsters for Android and Facebook. The thrill of battle awaits players in this epic tactical strategy game! Now players can not only compete with their friends, but also cooperate by sendings each other gifts: energy, consumables, and weapon and defense units. In addition, version 1.6 introduces improvements to performance and user experience.

Spika Launches Music Application ‘ShareOn Audio’ for Android

Spika released an android music application, ShareOn Audio. ShareOn Audio application not only allows users to access and play their music files on their PC, but also allows users to listen to saved music on Wi-Fi speakers, Smart TVs, home theater systems through a Wi-Fi connection, enabling users to enjoy their music from anywhere.

Evolve the way you manage your photos with pixmeknot app

UK based Pixmeknot Limited has announced the recent launch of pixmeknot for Android devices running on Android 2.1 and up. Pixmeknot features enhanced photo sharing, photo management and photo collaboration options, a simple yet customizable user interface, as well as a wide array of helpful tools to help anyone use their mobile devices more effectively and with little or no hassle.

Falcons 9 Dice Game

This is on of best Dice Games of the year Your going to find your self playing this game for Hours at end. this game is similar to a game i played while i was in Thailand they play it there at local pubs like darts or pool. there version of the game gets really boring real fast after you spell the word one time there’s no more secret you know what your trying to spell. but it was fun and a good way to strike up conversation

TimeLock: The World‘s First Unique Security App for Android

ProtectStar Inc. today releases its newest security app, TimeLock for Android devices. No one will have the idea that there is a highly secure and protected safe ingeniously hiding in an alarm clock. The app allows Android device owners to securely store photos and videos, inside a data vault, where all contents are encrypted using powerful 256-bit AES algorithms.

Break The Ice: IceBreaker Games by Nicholas Stratigopoulos

Physical & health education teacher and educational technologist, Nicholas Stratigopoulos today introduces IceBreaker Games, his fifth app developed for Android devices. IceBreaker Games includes games and activities designed to “break the ice” and “warm up” groups of children and adults of all ages!

DS Domination Home Business Releases Mobile App for Android

Freedom Awaits! Learn the secrets of working from home on the internet part time or full time. A step by step video course that will teach you the most popular way that most of the top eBay sellers use in order to get products and sell them.

PhatWare Releases WritePad 4.0 Handwriting Recognition App

Major update of the popular handwriting recognition-based text input method for Android Smartphones and Tablets features vastly improved recognition quality by offering real-time multiple suggestions for words or phrases as the user writes.

Viking Saga: The Cursed Ring released on Google Play

A story-focused resource management title from the creator of Roads of Rome and Island Tribe series hits Google Play today. Viking Saga tells a tale of old king Arnar and his son Ingolf. He sends his Ingolf to deliver the ring to a vicious dwarf who cursed the ring many years ago when Arnar refused to sell him the newfound treasure. This journey takes the brave vikings through beautiful northern landscapes full of obstacles to overcome and vistas to gaze at.

Camera 2 – Instant stylised high-res pictures and video

JFDP Labs, the creators of Paper Camera, have released a new update to their cutting-edge “Camera 2” app. This new version has been optimised for Android 4.3 and above devices, adding support for high-res image and video capture with effects at lightning speed.

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