Challenge yourself and your friends to become a King of math

[MobilePRwire] – Mathician is a fast paced basic math skill game. In short rounds players can show their friends and the rest of the world who is the best in math and in the process become a real Mathician by sharpening their basic math skills. When all challenging levels are completed, cool achievements can be earned on the path to become a king of math! Levels can be played over and over again to get the highest score on the world wide highscore list!

A new and unique way to sharpen your math skills.

Mathician is a game in which players can sharpen their basic math skills by playing short fast paced rounds of 10 equations. Time is of the essence, so faster answers mean more points and players will eventually storm the highscore leaderboards. The game features 30 singleplayer levels in which the difficulty increases from easy to very hard (practice, practice, practice). Each level has a highscore leaderboard and players can see the top players and their own results in comparison with other players. With this, the game keeps challenging players to get a better position on the ranking list.
Besides the singleplayer levels, the game features an on-line experience where players can challenge each other for a 1 v.s. 1 match (against friends or random players). To increase the challenge, Mathician features over 30 achievements (via Google Play). Some achievements are easy to unlock, others are really hard or take some time to unlock, so players really have to use their math skills to get the best gaming experience…

Why is Mathician fun to play?
The game features very short games, some with a minimum of 10 seconds. Even when you are on a tight schedule you can fit some Mathician in. It’s easy to increase the highscores since the gameplay is short and fast. When players do have more time on their hands they can play endurances in which up to 100 equations can be made. On the Mathician website ( http://www… ) players can view their achievements, scores, statistics and leaderboards and compare them to other players!

Not only your own brain gets sharpened with Mathician, it can be used to teach your children the basics of math in a way they will enjoy. If you are a teacher you can make math a fun experience with this easy to use app.

To sum it up:
– Fast paced math action with short rounds
– 30 challenging levels to sharpen your skills
– Game keeps challenging due to achievements and leaderboards
– A unique online experience with 1 vs 1 battles
– The game is accompanied by a website on which players can view scores, statistics and even compare players


Mathician is a production of TwZ, a small group of enthusiastic friends. Our goal is to create apps and games in which we put quality over quantity. We want to have an accessible and challenging user/gaming experience and try to be as creative and innovative as we can.

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