Chase Tag – strategy Chase game just like when we were kids

[MobilePRwire] – Chase Tag – based on a board game created by a 5 yr old, Chase Tag takes the familiar child’s outdoors game to a whole new level. Guide Bluey to turn left or right, pass, double back or force your opponents down a path to trap them into being caught. The longer you last, the faster the pace, and the more opponents after you! Responsive tilt controls, unique two way passing function, pick-up and play,fast, frantic action. This is just the beginning. So many more landscapes to come!

Using tilt action, the game provides you with a few tricks to outwit your opponents. There are multiple paths, and turning circles scattered throughout the playground to increase the level of strategy and give you the ability to change things up.

Chase Tag is an arcade style game that links into childhood memories of chasing each other around the park. The launch version contains the first level park scene where you (Bluey), compete against the red and yellow characters in a of game tag survival. There are so many landscapes to come!

Chase Tag is a fast addictive game that will put your reflexes to the test! This is a strategy game that uses accelerometer in an exciting way. Although you can run straight past them, you need to avoid those pesky competitors and try to catch them at the same time. To add to the difficultly, there are trees obscuring some of the paths and you can only turn around at the circles, and only catch your opponents from behind.

This is the first app to be released by the newly created company Pigion games. We are based in Queensland, Australia and consist of a Dad and 16yr old son, 13 yr old son, and a 9 yr old daughter. We created the company to make games that we’d like to play (and hope you do too!), especially games with strategy and thinking behind them.

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Developer information:rnPigion games is a new games app company, based on the Sunshine Coast, north of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Ben Fleming setup Pigion to make games with his 3 kids.

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