Clockwise – learn the clock app for Kids and Parents

[MobilePRwire] – There are few educational tasks that take hours for both parents and kids. One of them is learning to tell time on a clock. While a simple task, its a beginning of interesting math journey – you start understanding what half & quarter is. You learn the intervals like hours, minutes, seconds and how they all work together. Yet – its a cumbersome task to sit with your kid and either draw a clock or play with a real one. Clockwise – a free Android app resolves this for you. Learn the clock today.

Clockwise is a new educational app from Playground – one man mobile development studio from Poland. It should be a great help for parents and their kids that are trying to learn how to read time from an analogue clock. And its all free – enjoy!

App Description:
* Clockwise is your solution for learning how to tell time on an analogue clock.
* Play an easy exercise that will help you work out and understand time and clocks – just set the digital clock based on the analogue one. One easy task – rinse and repeat and you will know it all in a matter of few sessions with this app.
* There are two metrics tracked: overall success rate and a “continuity” measure that tracks how long you mange to keep answering correctly. If you reach continuity of 25+ it means you mastered it as there was a series of 25 correct answers in a row. You can then reset the score and pass it to your colleague :).
* If you want to check details on success rate just tap the percentage number and you will see how many attempts were made (as its easy to report 100% after a single success :)).
* To speed up minutes entry please hold the +/- button.

Future development ideas include:
* adding PM/AM timing as an option (right now its a simple 12 hours clock)
* adding an “acceptable error range” as an option to allow for “near misses”
* add an in-app purchase to remove ads

If you like the app I will appreciate a rating / comment. Thanks in advance.

Playground is a one man mobile development studio based in Poland

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