[MobilePRwire] – Chifro: Coloring Game is an interactive marvel among coloring games. It brings a new look towards educational games for kids that are aimed at exploring colors.

Chifro Studios launched a new application called Chifro: Coloring Game on Google Play Store. This application is meant for helping children identify-and-remember colors through various engaging activities.

This application is meant for helping children identify-and-remember colors through interactive activities.

The concept of this application puts forth a strong emphasis on the improvement of motor skills. The interactivities therefore do improve motor skills apart from providing the respective odes of knowledge. In fact the CEO of Chifro Studios termed this new application as a “motor-skill enhancer” while talking about it during the launch event.
Another interesting feature of this application is the implementation of analytical phonics which allows children to remember about inanimate objects through sound. Chifro: Coloring Game contains crisp audio that help children remember the name of colors through analytical phonics.

A medley of activities has given this application the ability to act both as a learning tool and as an evaluation tool. Recognition of colors happens with the aid of objects (object-recognition is therefore another offshoot ability of this application). Incorporation of game-based learning keeping in view the popularity of games among children has been undertaken in an assiduous manner. Learning through viewing, hearing, and touching is what takes place while a handset running this application resides in the hands of a child.

About Chifro Studios:
Founded in 2013, Chifro Studios believes in crafting experiences on mobiles and tablets which are both fun and engaging as well as enhance learning and creativity. Learners are encouraged to explore new worlds of creative and critical thinking and are motivated through immediate feedback and goal alignment.

Chifro Studios develops mobile applications for children. However, some applications are also useful for adults as well.

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