Computer Science VSB: Maneuver Your Own Rover On The Moon!

[MobilePRwire] – While Curiosity is on a mission in the Martian space, start your own space exploration and move across the surface of the moon with the new Computer Science Virtual Smart Book!

MVE Systems Inc. is proud to announce the release of another interactive and innovative educational app – the Computer Science Virtual Smart Book. The Palo Alto-based web and mobile developer and its online institution, Eric’s High School Experience, invites students and educators worldwide to download and engage in this latest offering.

Available for PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices, it features a total of 13 narrated, high-quality videos, infused with multimedia elements that aims to introduce and teach many key concepts in Computer Science including the computer systems life cycle, Java programming, Language Translators, and many more!

With the new Computer Science Virtual Smart Book, users will also be able to apply their knowledge in the simulation section that allows them to explore the surface of the moon through a roving, remote-controlled robot. The objective is to control the rover and beat gravity, craters, rocky terrains, and pick up space cargo as the level of difficulty increases with each mission you accomplish.

“I have lived in awe of people who went to space. Man and machine made the trip to the moon
but that only solves half of the problem.” says Eric Manalac, MVE Chief Technology Officer.

“The other half is how to get around there and cover more ground, and that’s why we have a lunar rover. Virtual simulation of the rover guarantees the success of any space exploration. For those of you who share the same dream as mine but can’t afford a ticket yet, this is our first step.“

The first Learning Management System of its kind available to mobile, Eric’s High School Experience tracks its users’ academic progress across all VSB Courses, across all gadgets and platforms, within a single account, strengthening the experience for users no matter where they choose to learn. EricsHS and its VSB courses are an ecstatic new wave of tech innovation for the education field.

The Computer Science Virtual Smart Book is available now, ready to be downloaded for free, allowing everyone to experience its intuitive offerings designed to effectively engage and further knowledge for students in High School, and lifelong learners as well.

Download a Virtual Smart Book today and join the thousands of other everyday students worldwide already enhancing their learning experience!

MVE Systems, Inc. is a premium provider of Technology Solutions for Government, Services, Industry, and Education, and a Google Reseller, with an office in Palo Alto, CA.

Our online academic curriculum, Eric’s High School Experience began December 2012, and offers a free K-12 curriculum that can be viewed at home on desktop, or accessed anywhere on your phone or mobile device. The coursework of… is provided through a platform called Virtual Smart Books, a synthesis of world-class education, and world-class presentation.

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