Crazy Bowl – iOS Bowling With Friend’s Faces!

[MobilePRwire] – Crazy Bowl is the zaniest bowling game ever to come to iOS. Import pictures of your friends onto pins and beat them into oblivion with bowling balls as they taunt you and dodge your throws. From Escasoft and Brainy Robot Entertainment.

From Escasoft and Brainy Robot Entertainment- Bowling has never been so fun and personally disturbing as with Crazy Bowl for iOS.

Who doesn’t want to knock over a few bowling pins with your boss’ face on it! Next time you feel like throwing a bowling ball at your friend’s head, you can! Import pictures onto a bowling pin and knock ’em down as they taunt you and dodge your throws. Or if you happen to like your friends and don’t feel like bashing their heads in, you can just use regular old bad character pins that will tease and mock you as you try to take them out.

There are two arenas to choose to play in: Wild Wild West, and Haunted Arena. Each come fully equipped with a randomly selected ball with special abilities at the beginning of each round, like the Electric, Canon, Curse, and Fire Ball. Dodge obstacles and hit the moving pins in Easy Mode or Hard Mode. Once you are victorious, a bonus round begins where you can finish the job by finger flicking the pin into oblivion. After the pin is thoroughly defeated, you can snapshot it for all to see.

Crazy Bowl will be released December 5th, 2012 for $.99.

Crazy Bowl is brought to you by Escasoft in a joint partnership with Brainy Robot Entertainment, a Singapore based Indie game studio.

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