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[MobilePRwire] – CritiCall Version 3.1 is now available in the Google Play Store. CritiCall is a notification and volume manager for your Android phone which rings or notifies you when critical contacts call or text you – even when the phone is set to silent. Customizable settings and auto-resume ensure you never miss a critical call or text from family members, important clients, friends, etc. Version 3.1 includes a Holo-inspired theme and new features like Repeating Reminders and Emergency Call Override.

Simply Applied re-releases popular app CritiCall to the Google Play Store – Introduces All New User Interface and Requested Features

Mobile app developer Simply Applied announced the re-release of a new update today to its Android application CritiCall. Version 3.1 is now available in the Google Play Store in free and Pro versions. The app was temporarily removed from the Play to address some reported issues from customers.

“We’re back! This newest update really takes the app to the next level by improving stability, providing a re-designed user interface which is more intuitive and easier to use, and adds new features our users have been requesting. Thanks to our customers for helping us identify and fix issues with the last release!”

CritiCall provides a similar functionality to iOS 6’s new Do Not Disturb feature by letting the user turn their phone’s volume to silent yet still receive important calls and texts from family, friends and clients. However, CritiCall was originally released over a year before Apple introduced the functionality in its latest version of the operating system.

“One feature we’re excited to announce is the Emergency Call Override feature which lets your contacts get in touch with you in the event of emergency. We’ve also introduced Repeating Reminders which notify the user of a missed call until the notification has been acknowledged.”

Simply Applied isn’t stopping there as noted by the company’s director of customer relations, Ms. Valerie Robinson.

“The mobile industry moves fast, and we’re already working to make additional improvements in the app to keep ahead of the competition. We put a lot of thought into what features we want to add and the best way to implement them so CritiCall remains user friendly while offering new functionality. Customer feedback and suggestions are highly valued and an extremely important to our decision-making process. We’re committed to making our apps some of the best apps available for Android users.”

Simply Applied develops mobile apps for Android and other mobile platforms. Simply Applied’s apps are designed to focus on a simple user experience while performing tasks which make your life easier.

Simple, Applied.

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