Dormi baby monitor for the smartphone age

[MobilePRwire] – Sleekbit introduces their new Android application Dormi, the baby monitor that stylishly makes conventional hardware baby monitors obsolete. Highly polished UI, Simple to use.

## New level of connectivity and usability

Dormi works whether you have Internet access (WiFi, mobile data) or not (WiFi AP, WiFi-direct, HotSpot). It is everywhere you have your Android device with you. Supports multiple parent devices simultaneously – even from the other side of the world.

## Built for Android

Attention to detail is one of key differentiators of Sleekbit apps. Dormi has many advanced features, for example: even missed calls and texts on the device used in child mode are reported on the parent device. It is designed for newest versions of Android, but works all the way back to 2.3 to give that old Android phone in your drawer a second lease of life.

## Launch video and website

Watch our short animated video to get a first look. It highlights most important Dormi features and showcases our carefully designed UI. Visit http://sleekbit… for more product information. Direct link to video: http://youtu…

## Availability

Dormi is immediately available to press for evaluation and promotional purposes. Availability to general public is scheduled for 2/18. The app is free to download and every device gets 4 hours of monitoring monthly for free. Unlimited monitoring is available as a subscription or a one-off lifetime license. To try Dormi follow these instructions: http://sleekbit…

## Launch promotion

Reward your readers: contact us to receive a promotional code for an 80% discount for all your readers at launch. This gives them lifetime unlimited usage for just $1.39 with no strings attached!

Sleekbit, LLC was founded in 2011 by four experienced software developers to transform ideas into innovative software: in a small capable team, without the burden of the typical corporate environment, using the latest technologies. The company is already known for these successful Android apps:
* gStrings – very precise chromatic tuner
* OvuView – comprehensive and advanced fertility monitor for Android

Read the full press release at…

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