Dotbuster released for Android

[MobilePRwire] – Dotbuster is a deceptively simple, highly addictive arcade game born out of the author’s extreme hatred for dots. Take it out on hordes of dots by connecting them to form polygons. Beware of viruses. Collect power ups. Be Awesome.

“Overall this app is very impressive. There is a simplicity to the entertainment that the game brings but it also is it’s own game which given the current indie market is refreshing”, says Josh Huston in his review.

Deekshant Gahlot says on his review, “Extremely addictive, it was love at first sight I liked the music, the colors, the CONCEPT, user interface and the rest. THIS COULD BE THE NEXT BIG THING”


[x] Connect the dots to form a polygon to get points.
[x] The dots will disappear in some time, chipping away at your energy
[x] Viruses roam these lands, and will reduce your energy when encircled
[x] Collect power ups for super fun times

[x] Hearts give you energy
[x] Bombs clear the screen, giving you points from all green circles
[x] Stars give you an awesome, almost godlike ability to come back from the brink of almost certain death

[x] Purchase stars for more dotty goodness
[x] Get stars for free by sharing on Facebook.

PlayWrite Games is the banner that i created to release my new game Dotbuster.

Read the full press release at

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