Duck Retro Hunt. Augmented Reality meets 8bits. Retro Spirit

[MobilePRwire] – InfinityK an indie videogame development company has recently released the game Duck Retro Hunt. A game that will make you recall yesterday’s essence with tomorrow’s technology. Now it is possible to play a revival of the most famous point & shot game using three different controls. Available on Google Play and AppStore completely for free.

For those who were unaware, during the beginning of the home entertainment systems, arcade shooters became incredible popular. Similarly to its spiritual successors, Duck Retro Hunt has the same fun and easy gameplay: see a duck, point and shoot.

Augmented Reality permits you to play using the real world as your scenery with the virtual content seamlessly blended with it. On the other hand, gyroscopes will provide the most natural and precise form of interaction. Finally, if you prefer the classical way, touch controls will suit your game playing style. The decision is up to you with the first game endowed with this possibility.

On top of the amazing aforementioned characteristics, the game features a global leaderboard that enables to share and compare your best score with other players across several platforms. Additionally, new 2d sprites and retro sounds are combined with 3d objects to create an atmosphere that will carry you back in time but keeping a foot in the present.

Device Requirements:
Android: 2.3.3 or higher Size: 7.5MB
iOS: 4.3 or higher Size: 8.9Mb

Established in Spain, InfinityK is a videogame studio in which people with the same passion towards videogames as you, create funny and fresh experiences. Using their technical and artistic skills they are specialized in employing Augmented Reality technology for creating the most innovative games.(C) InfinityK 2013.

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