Falcons 9 Dice Game

[MobilePRwire] – This is on of best Dice Games of the year Your going to find your self playing this game for Hours at end. this game is similar to a game i played while i was in Thailand they play it there at local pubs like darts or pool. there version of the game gets really boring real fast after you spell the word one time there’s no more secret you know what your trying to spell. but it was fun and a good way to strike up conversation

Now With Falcons 9 we have a data base of different words to Spell out each time you play. So you Don’t get Board Spelling the Same Word every time you play the game is played in 3D with grate Graphics your going to love.
the rules are as Fallows

you role the dice you can choose one number example if you role a 5 and a 4 you can choose 4 or 5 or 9 but only one.
if you pick 9 the letter in the 9th space of the word will be reviled

you continue on till you spell out the 9 letter word or until you can not choose another number. the game is a fast paced game i am sure your going to love.

Robert Alexander

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