Find treasure in Adelantado Trilogy. Book One on Google Play

[MobilePRwire] – Realore releases a new title from the team behind the Roads of Rome series on Google Play. Adelantado trilogy: Book one is the first chapter in the series of games about a noble Spanish officer and explorer Don Diego de Leon. After its success on PC the game gets a Google Play release.

The story of the game begins in the 16th century during the Age of Discovery. The Queen of Spain sends her brave officer Don Diego on a mission to save the lost expedition and find treasure for the Spanish Empire. She grants him the title of Adelantado – the governor and caretaker of new lands. One of Queen’s officers hires a bandit to complete the mission first. Don Diego’s expedition suffers a shipwreck and his crew ends up on the uncharted lands of South America inhabited by Indian tribes.

Players’ mission is to advance through the dangerous but beautiful jungles. As they explore the ruins of the ancient civilization, players discover new territories, save surviving members of the expedition, search for gold for the Spanish Queen and find secrets of the long forgotten cities. The foundation of every level is building a camp or restoring the one built by the previous expedition. Along the way players can help Indian tribes with various tasks. In return the Indians grant their helpers magic stones, ancient artifacts and gold. However, players shouldn’t feel victorious too fast. Adelantado’s conniving rival, Commander Pablo Rodriguez, wants all the glory for himself and goes head to toe with Don Diego to interfere with his success.

In Adelantado Trilogy. Book One there are total 10 expansive levels featuring vast level-maps. The levels are increasingly challenging and filled with exploration and discoveries. Some missions include side-quests that allow players get into “sub-levels” like the underground caves and secret dungeons. There are 4 difficulty modes for players to choose from – hard, normal, easy and relaxed.

Main features:
10 huge levels to explore
Tropical Islands full of mysteries
Vast level maps
Treasures to find and glory to achieve

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