FitGuide, uses special algorithm to create fitness regimens

[MobilePRwire] – FitGuide creates personal eating and training regimens by mathematically calculating the optimal nutrition and physical activity for your body. Body metrics, goal and time for training are the data which the application requires.

Starting today, everybody who has an android smartphone can install FitGuide – an app which purpose is to create workout and nutrition regimens designed personally for every user. The process is straightforward. The user goes through four simple steps. On every step he/she enters information. This information is used by FitGuide to create a healthy personal fitness plan.

The application does not suggest specific exercises or exact meals. It provides people with crucial and fundamental information they need in order to achieve their fitness goals. The application calculates number of days for weight training per week, number days for cardio training per week, daily caloric intake and more. There are also tables with nutritional values of foods divided by categories.

The core of the application is a mathematical algorithm, which takes into account all specific variables of a person like gender, physical activity, fitness goal, time for training and body fat percentage. The algorithm is written and tested based on proven scientific methods. Best practices from fitness books and personal trainers are also a part of the mixture.

FitGuide is available on google play for €0.99 in Europe and is priced accordingly in other regions. In the US the price is $0.99.

We are two independent developers. We were able to realize our great idea about a fitness application called FitGuide.

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