Forbidden Love Comes to Google Play, Western Markets

[MobilePRwire] – Forbidden Love, the most downloaded dating simulation game in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan, is now available to download for free through Google Play, one of the world’s most popular sources for apps and electronic content.

In Forbidden Love, players take on the role of a young woman who finds herself in an unusual courtship with her stepbrother, Mike Jones. Players control aspects of the budding relationship as it transforms from cold and distant to deeply intimate. The outcome of the game changes depending on how players react to dialogue and the manner in which they customize their avatar.

“Forbidden Love has receive an incredible reception in Asia, but we are only just getting started,” said David Nagaoka of M&A Online, the game’s developer. “This game is extremely popular among girls and young women. I am confident that, with the game’s availability on Google Play, we will be able to not only replicate the level of success we’ve had in Asian markets, but actually exceed it.

Playable on Google and Android devices, Forbidden Love has already been downloaded more than 500,000 times in Asia. Google Play now brings the wildly popular game to Western markets, where it is expected to experience even greater commercial success. The game is being offered as a free download to mobile users. 

Dating sims, in which players court and engage in relationships with computerized characters, are the fastest-growing category of video games in Asia today. This trend is expected to carry over into Western markets as these types of games become more widely available. 

“These games are becoming increasingly useful as social tools for young people,” said Nagaoka. “By navigating social situations in a simulated environment, games like Forbidden Love are helping people cope with the stresses and social awkwardness of youth. It’s no surprise that this games is having such an effect on the people who play it.”

Google Play, formerly known as the Android Network, is one of the largest online marketplaces for mobile media content. Users can download either free or paid content, including audio files, books, games, apps and videos through their computers or straight to their phones. Google Play includes individual marketplace apps like Google Play Movies, Google Play Books and the Play Store.

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