Freeze Gravity and Find the Quickest Means of Escape

[MobilePRwire] – FROZEN GUN GAMES is delighted to announce the release of the exciting new arcade puzzle game, ‘Freeze!’, across multiple platforms for both mobile telephone and tablet devices.

‘Freeze!’ is available for worldwide download in 10 languages from iTunes, Google Play, Amazon App Store, and Barnes & Noble NOOK App Store. Versions of ‘Freeze!’ purchased from iTunes and Google Play are free to download, and come with the first world of 25 levels pre-loaded along with 10 bonus levels, with additional worlds available, should the gamer wish to purchase them, for $0.99. From the other App Stores, ‘Freeze!’ is available as a free ‘lite’ version with 10 levels along with five bonus levels pre-loaded. Alternatively, gamers can purchase the full game for $1.99.

‘Freeze!’ introduces a range of never before seen game mechanics, utilizing a physics-based game world and a unique freeze button, which is used by the gamer to literally freeze gravity, buying some valuable seconds as they try to solve the puzzle they are faced with.

The aim of ‘Freeze!’ is for the gamer to help the in-game hero escape from prison cells by reaching a rotating spiral nebula. This isn’t easy however, as gamers will have to deal with spikes, traps, enemies, and a whole range of evil entities that are aiming to stop them on their path to freedom. As gamers progress through the game, additional variables and challenges are introduced into ‘Freeze!’, keeping the game fresh and exciting even after hours of continuous play.

Controlling the hero character in ‘Freeze!’ is very intuitive, with the gamer required to rotate the prison cell using the touch screen on their device. If gamers wish to buy themselves some time, they simply hit the freeze button, arresting gravity and suspending the hero, although enemies and other nasty elements aren’t affected and will still move across the screen as normal. Once the gamer has rotated the level and found their best means of escape, they simply hit the freeze button again to continue.

Gamers can replay the levels within ‘Freeze!’ as often as they wish in order to complete them in the shortest possible time and attain their highest possible score. For those who struggle to master ‘Freeze!’ there are gameplay videos that will appear after six attempts at a level, showing gamers how to escape.

‘Freeze!’ includes in-built social media features so that gamers can post their own messages direct to Facebook and Twitter from within the game itself, boasting of their achievements, and challenging their friends to beat them.

Announcing the launch of ‘Freeze!’, Frozen Fun Games CEO Andreas von Lepel commented, “It’s a love-hate relationship with ‘Freeze!’ Gamers everywhere will love it thanks to the fresh ideas and fun had as they look to escape the numerous traps, enemies, and laser beams within the game. They might end up hating themselves, however, because every time they die, it’s their own fault! There are no random elements and no-one else to blame!”

Frozen Fun Games are currently working on a sequel to ‘Freeze!’

Frozen Gun Games is an independent developer of exciting and innovative mobile gaming applications. Andreas von Lepel, CEO of Frozen Fun Games, has over 25 years of experience in video games development, including a period spent working for Konami project managing developments for the Nintendo Gameboy console in Europe.

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