GameDigits slashes the price of Auction Wars : Storage King!

[MobilePRwire] – The chart topping game game Auction Wars: Storage King, inspired by the popular reality TV shows, has seen its price slashed by more than 50%, with the game now sitting in the lowest priced tier on the app store.

GameDigits Ltd., a leading developer of digital mobile and tablet video games, announced today that its chart topping, 4.5 star review scoring game, Auction Wars: Storage King, has had its price reduced by a massive 50%. The popular app now sports the lowest price possible for a premium game on the iOS App Store.

Just like in the popular reality TV shows, which the game is inspired by, the player steps into the shoes of a professional buyer and visits the storage auctions. If they play well they can uncover hidden treasure, and make BIG money! Players go head to head against realistic in-game opponents. If they can hold their nerve, and make the right call, they’ll walk away with the loot and a tidy profit! But be buyers be warned; that mysterious looking chest could contain a priceless artefact, or it could be full of worthless junk!

As the player makes money, they earn the right to visit better auction houses, and higher quality items come up for grabs. The most successful players are invited to enter a mysterious and prestigious auction house, where the finest and rarest items can be won. Players aim to not only make the biggest profits, but also find and collect each and every item in the game.

Following the game topping charts around the world, and earning rave reviews from fans, the developers are dropping the price; in the hope that more players will be able to enjoy the game.

Lindsey Greenwood from GameDigits Ltd. commented “We’ve been thrilled with the way Auction Wars: Storage King has been received. We currently have a 4.5 star rating on the App Store, and our players combined have played over three million virtual auctions! These stats are fantastic, but we have big plans for the game and they’re right around the corner. To help with those plans, we’d like to get as many people playing as possible, and so we’ve decided to lower the price.”

The app also offers full support for Game Center, with players able to unlock a number of achievements, competing against friends and strangers alike on the leaderboards.

GameDigits Ltd is a company dedicated to creating fun games for iPhone, iPod and iPad. Our team have the expertise and experience to produce top quality games to the highest standard. Copyright (C) 2014 GameDigits Ltd . All Rights Reserved.

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