[MobilePRwire] – Fraktalia Studios is excited to announce Robo Jungle Rush, a brand new action 3D running adventure game featuring hyper-colourful graphics, space-age vehicles and power-ups, and of course plenty of robots and jungle! Robo Jungle Rush is available for free on iPod® touch, iPad® and iPhone® on the Apple app store from today.

In Robo Jungle Rush the challenge is to dash through a vibrant jungle filled with mean and mischievous robots of all shapes and sizes. Suit up your character as you jump, tilt, swipe and rush your way through
dynamic and ever-changing environments.

Use a wide range of unique items and power ups – like turning enemies into gold or blasting everything in your path – aiding your journey through the world of ‘Robo Jungle Rush’. Plus you can hop into different vehicles, each with their own set of challenges!

Collect trophies while completing engaging missions, and see your progress reflected in your robo-trophy cabinet. Between levels you can try your luck in a casino style mini-game to win additional prizes and
boosts, plus share video-replays of your best moments to social media or email, and check the leaderboards to keep track of your friends and decide who’s the best Robo-player.

About Fraktalia Studios:
Fraktalia Studios is game studio based in Mexico. Founded in 2011, it currently develops games for iOS,
Android, Mac, Windows and Web. its goal is to deliver fun and great games to everyone.

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