Gekko Hop hits Google Play | Hop on tiles and create tunes

[MobilePRwire] – 3 Magic Shots launches the musical, infinite tile run game, Gekko Hop. Gekko Hop is about the character Gekko who is trapped in a swamp and should hop on water to reach the farthest it can. Gekko Hop is loosely based on don’t step on the white tile and creates it own custom swamp for every user to conquer. The goal of Gekko Hop in its classical mode is to reach the princess gekko in as little time as you can by tapping on the water tiles to move the Gekko forward.

3 Magic Shots, the makers of 3 Magic Shots: Paid Apps for Free Daily and Snappy Bird is proud to bring you Gekko Hop on the Google Play Store.

The rules are simple. No matter what you do, don’t step on the land tile. Save the Gekko by tapping on each water tile to move the Gekko forward avoiding the dangers in the swamp. The Gekko has lost its mate and its up to you to help it find her by going on a fun filled adventure. Each tap creates a tone which makes the user form their own musical in this magical journey.

“Gekko Hop is our take on trending simple to play yet tough to master games which are launching, What we have done differently is that while Gekko Hop falls in the same genre but also retains the graphics and the refinement in gameplay making it the absolute best.” – Harsh Rajat, Co-Founder, 3 Magic Shots

Gekko Hop has already gained a huge traction with it figuring in twitter trends almost instantly after launch and is rapidly climbing the Google Play charts at the time this release was written. The creators are also aiming to bring same popularity and fame for them on the Apple App Store where they will be launching the game soon.

“Gekko Hop has surpassed the era of simple games, In fact… I would go ahead and say that the era of Flappy Bird or Don’t step on the white tile is over now, It is the era of Gekko Hop now” – Steve Brown, Digital Poke

Device Requirements:
* Android Phones, Tablets and Phablets
* Requires Android 2.2+
* 26.0 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Gekko Hop 1.0 is Free and available worldwide through the Google Play in the Games / Adventure category. The game will also be released on the Apple App Store soon.

3 Magic Shots was started with the intent of creating and designing software’s which would spread happy pokes to our users.

3 Magic Shots is built from the ground up on the concept of delivering Quality apps that redefine the wheel to simplify the user’s interaction and stand up to their expectations. At 3 Magic Shots, It’s not About Us, It’s About You.

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