Giftwrapp is Shaping the Future of Digital Gifting

[MobilePRwire] – Thomas Waterfall is delighted to announce the release of the innovative new lifestyle application, ‘Giftwrapp,’ which will be available worldwide from 14 December 2012 exclusively from iTunes, and is compatible with all iOS mobile devices.

‘Giftwrapp’ is free of charge to users who wish to unwrap a digital gift they have received via the application, while those wishing to send a gift via ‘Giftwrapp’ can do so through a simple in-app purchase.

With digital gifting growing in popularity, ‘Giftwrapp’ aims to make the experience more fun, engaging, and cooler than ever before, by bringing the digital gift experience as close as possible to that of receiving a physical one. Although there is an ever increasing demand for digital gifting, simply sending a gift via e-mail that the receiver can view immediately doesn’t provide an exciting or memorable experience for consumers.

‘Giftwrapp,’ has the potential to revolutionise digital gifting forever, bringing users those personal, thoughtful touches that truly make a gift stand out as being special. Using ‘Giftwrapp,’ users can fully customise their gift, with almost 20,000 different ways to personalise a gift using the in-built standard gift pack, with many more available to purchase from within the application itself. Aspects of each digital gift that can be personalised include the wrapping paper, ribbon, bow, and gift tag. There is even a function for those sending gifts to add their own personal message for the receiver on the back of the gift tag. Additional digital wrapping packs will be introduced throughout the year, so that those available constantly remain relevant with current trends.

‘Giftwrapp’ goes even further to replicating the real life gift experience with the addition of a timer function, to ensure a gift is only unwrapped when the time is right. Whether sending a gift for Christmas, a birthday, or an anniversary, the sender simply sets the date of the occasion, so the receiver cannot open the gift until the pre-determined time. Agonisingly, the gift recipient feels the anticipation build as they watch the timer count down, just like the thrill of seeing presents under the tree that you can’t open until Christmas.

When the time comes to unwrap the digital gift, users interact with their mobile device to reveal what it is one-step at a time, fully replicating the real life experience of reading a personal message, removing the bow, the ribbon, and finally eagerly tearing away the wrapping paper.

‘Giftwrapp’ is the only mobile application in the market that goes so far in replicating a real-life gift experience by digitally recreating the anticipation and excitement associated with receiving

Appsmiths Ltd began when co-founder Tom Waterfall had the brainwave idea for Giftwrapp. He had the idea on Christmas Day 2011 when he and his family were discussing how boring Christmas Day will be when all of the music and videos are exchanged online and presents had to be opened through emails. He approached Frank Rush who he knew to be a fantastic developer through a mutual friend, and for the best part of a year have worked on Giftwrapp. As they are a new and emerging company, Appsmiths are currently working solely on this one app. They have a pipeline of fun ideas to introduce into Giftwrapp over the coming months, and once it has taken off (fingers crossed) will have the opportunity to work on other apps they have already had ideas for.

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