Give young lerners a head start in school with Learn By Fun

[MobilePRwire] – Learn By Fun is an education app launched by Yogesh Dama and this app seeks to offer easier and faster learning for kids by combining 20 favorite educational apps into one single app.
Offering repeated engrossment with the learning experience, Learn By Fun remains the most widely availed app for teaching kids.

Even though many people look forward to avail the best quality education app, it has never been easier to spot the top class education app which will help the kid to learn every single moment. In a bid to offer solution to this problem, Yogesh Dama launches Learn By Fun – Education App which brings 20 favorite educational apps into one single app. Often being recognized as the most effective education app, this app does not enable a kid to learn alphabets letters, words and spelling, but also prepares him or her for the school. Unraveling the opportunities for a kid to practice handwriting, this app also offers practical exercises that have been designed to develop writing, reading and fine motor skills. By enabling kids to view fruit and vegetable pictures, this app makes the kids able to know as well as spell the names of fruits and vegetables. The finger painting app included Learn By Fun features fun and seasonal backgrounds to color. The backgrounds range from balloons to aero plane to alien to joker to teddy bear, and the master pieces colored by the kids can be easily shared with family as well as friends.

One of the spokesperson comments, “learning is fun, well designed, easy to use”, and thus the app continues to fetch hundreds of new visitors daily. Offering repeated engrossment with the experience, Learn By Fun app has been rated five out of five, and that does nothing but vividly describes the satisfaction that the app offers.

Enabling a kid to strengthen the early motor skills with preschool basics flashcards, this app allows a child to choose from 18 different flashcard decks, including alphabet letters, numbers, colors, shapes, animals, flowers, fruits, vegetables, birds, weekdays, body parts, national flags, professions, sports and type of transportation. This easy-to-use app promotes easier and faster learning, and has been the first choice to many.

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About the Developer
Yogesh Dama is a talented independent Indian developer with a passion for innovation. Dama is passionate in developing user-friendly mobile apps that would improve the busy lifestyles of people in the 21st century and help them lead a stress free life. More details on the developer can be view at:

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