Great Barbecue with BBQ TankMeter Android App

[MobilePRwire] – Ready for Spring and the start of BBQ season? Nitz Associates, a leader in tank measurement technology, today announced the world’s first Android app that measures the amount of propane in a standard propane BBQ tank.

With an Android, the BBQ TankMeter app and a quick rap on the tank, smart cooks can now ensure they will have enough propane to perfectly grill their favorite steak, salmon or sausages. 

BBQ TankMeter from Nitz Associates uses sophisticated Acoustic Signature Analysis software to instantly determine the amount of fuel in a standard 20 lb. propane cylinder based entirely on the sound of the tank when tapped with a quarter or rapped with a knuckle. To test a tank with BBQ TankMeter, simply hold your Android device near the tank and strike the center of the tank to produce a ringing sound. BBQ TankMeter listens for the sound of the tank, calculates the amount of propane inside and graphically displays the result.

Priced at $2.46, BBQ TankMeter is more accurate and far less expensive than competing solutions such as traditional pressure gauges and stick-on temperature labels. A propane tank can be tested in seconds without disconnecting from the BBQ, Patio or Camping Heater, before or during use.

BBQ TankMeter is available for download now at the Google Play app store.

Nitz Associates also offers BeerMeter, a free Android app that uses the same Acoustic Signature Analysis technology to measure and display the amount of liquid in a standard 16 oz. pint beer glass. With BeerMeter, find out if your favorite beverage is being served in a full 16 oz. pint, rather than the smaller 15 oz. or 14 oz. glasses. BeerMeter is offered as a technology demonstration and is currently available for free download at Google Play.

BBQ TankMeter and Nitz BeerMeter operate on all Android smartphones and Android tablets that have a built-in speaker and microphone. A version of BBQ TankMeter that supports iPhone, iPod and iPad is currently in development.

Nitz Associates, Inc. designs and manufactures automated tank measurement equipment and software for the fluid storage and bulk transportation industries.

Leveraging expertise in software, electronic instrumentation, industrial control and wireless technologies, Nitz Associates has developed proprietary Acoustic Signature Analysis technology that enables non-intrusive measurement of liquid storage and surge tank levels in wide variety applications.

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