Hamad And Sahar – Android Fun Game on Arabian Folk Tales

[MobilePRwire] – Space Crescent LLC are the developers of the new educational game for children called Hamad And Sahar Game. This Android App game is truly amazing in that, it is far more than just a game, it is also something that children and people of all ages can learn from specifically. It has a truly amazing storyline, role play, and the delivery of true adventure in a teaching fashion that is teaching without teaching literally.

This educational game app focuses on delivering Arabian folk tales, and at the very same time, endeavours to teach kids world culture and story appreciation like no other app out there. This all comes about an interactive game play that will be like no other. It is game play that is very unlike any other and this is what keeps users coming back for more. Because they aren’t only playing a game. They are learning a lesson in literary culture and are a real time part of a classic group of stories that is all about the magical Far East.

Space Crescent is an innovative leader in the creation of awesome apps that are one of a kind. They strive to come up with new and exciting software, each and every day, because they do know that game playing should be more than just about the element of fun. Hamad And Sahar Game is the one offering amid many that they have planned to create for the coming future.

Hamad And Sahar Game Features:

*Two playable characters who are very cute

*Over 30 levels of interactive play

*Very engaging story with interesting plot and ending

*Totally supports Arab and English languages

*A gaming culture that will teach players about culture via storytelling

The developers of Hamad And Sahar Game are very confident that it will be very successful and popular in the world that makes up Android gaming and learning apps. They specialize in the creation of popular mainstream games for entertainment and learning purposes. Space Crescent is gaining much acclaim in the international community and they are a global leader when it comes to the field of digital entertainment in Middle East.

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