Heroes and Castles 2 – Foursaken Media

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Foursaken Media - Heroes and Castles 2 artwork

Heroes and Castles 2
Foursaken Media

Genre: Games

Price: £1.49

Release Date: 14 May 2015


You stand solemn, overlooking the battlefield. To your left, towering giants rush into battle, bashing hordes of goblins high into the air with each swing of their bone clubs. To your right, Dwarven Iron Helms break into shambling skeletons, while a line of Pikemen ready their spears for one last charge. Behind you, your Elven Archers unleash their arrows overhead into lumbering Trolls and savage Orcs. But it is not enough, and the enemy keeps coming… With one last cry to battle, you ready your sword and charge into the fray!


Enter Heroes and Castles 2, a 3rd person action-RPG, strategy, and castle defense mash-up! Choose from one …read more

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