Highly Addictive “Rope Escape” Hits Mobile Gaming Platforms

[MobilePRwire] – Deemedya are excited to announce the release of their arcade adventure game, “Rope Escape. Challenge Yourself, Friends and the Entire World to Find Out Who is the Top Escapee! The game is free to download and play worldwide on both iPhone and Google Android mobile devices from their respective marketplaces.

“Rope Escape” is a simple yet challenging adventure showpiece, requiring the gamer to swing between the trees and the sky in order to advance through the game as far as possible. Despite “Rope Escape” being based on a relatively simple concept, the utilisation of amazing, visually engaging graphic effects makes this a gaming experience like no other.

Due to the easy to understand and quick to get going nature of “Rope Escape,” the game is suitable for all age and gender demographics, as well as being perfect for both casual or more committed gamers.
Players of “Rope Escape” simply need to utilise the touch screen function on their display, hitting where their character should swing to next, ensuring that they keep up with the continuously scrolling game screen. Although the gameplay of “Rope Escape” is built on a simple pick up and play concept, the fast and furious nature of this makes the game an addictive, impossible to put down arcade adventure.

In “Rope Escape,” the gamer selects one of the colourful in-game characters with which to play, before tackling the one continuous level using power ups collected throughout the game in order to aid their quest, making them speed up and increase their game score. To upgrade these power ups the gamer needs to earn in-game coins or complete specific challenges. Dedicated and hard-core players can purchase coins via IAP, should they be seeking the quickest route to the highest possible score.

“Rope Escape” contains in-game Facebook integration, meaning users can encourage their friends to try the game, boast about their own achievements, and compete against their friends and worldwide gamers in order to be the supreme “Rope Escape” gamer on the leaderboards.

The simple gameplay interface and social sharing features are set to make “Rope Escape” one of the most addictive gaming releases of 2012.

Deemedya is an international developer, publisher and distributor of mobile content.
With Deemedya’s unique understanding of the marketplace and over 10 years of experience in digital media, we have a proven track-record of developing, publishing and marketing digital products that will maximize the potential of the product itself.

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