Hill Bill Free for iOS this Weekend

[MobilePRwire] – Hill Bill Free for iOS this Weekend as B27 Celebrate the Launch of Vegas Levels!

Balloon 27 (B27), innovative publisher of mobile video games announces that their quirky and addictive motorcycle trick game Hill Bill is available now through Monday, October 28, to download on iOS for free during the three-day event. Next week the “Vegas” level pack will be released, so iOS users may get familiar with Hill Bill this weekend for free, before the big addition.
Hill Bill can always be downloaded for iOS as well as Android. After this event, users continue to receive the first 20 of 60 levels absolutely free. Then, users can download the full game for 0.99.

Hill Bill features a zany character named Bill, who has high hopes to ride like his ultimate hero, Evel Knievel, and jump the Grand Canyon. This little daredevil attempts bigger and more intense, crazy stunts on his third-hand garage sale motorcycle as the levels progress. Hill Bill features incredible artwork and sound effects with easy to pick up game play, also allowing players to earn in-game credits to upgrade and purchase new bikes and costumes–without investing any real bucks!

Additional worlds, levels, bikes, costumes and so much more, coming soon!

Download Hill BIll here:
App Store: https://itunes…;
Google Play: https://play…

Want to know more about Hill Bill and creator B27:
HB Trailer: http://www…
B27 Website: www.balloon27.com…
B27 Facebook: www.facebook.com…
B27 Twitter: www.twitter.com…
B27 Instagram: www.instagram.com…

About Balloon 27 (B27):
Balloon 27 (B27) is an indie developer and publisher of mobile and tablet games. B27 was founded by Ajay Chadha, the co-founder of Ignition Games. Chadha is well versed in Digital Media, working on brands such as Nintendo and Disney. The B27 founder believes, “As many things separate us in the world today, we believe gaming can unite us.” The idea of connecting individuals via gaming came to fruition as B27 was founded with no regard to location, language or time zone, but with a simple love for building games. Our diversity is our gift. Just as the seven colors form a beautiful rainbow, we are channeling the seven rays of light through our creative content. While games are currently our primary focus, the world will only continue to evolve so we see our possibilities as being endless.

Dallas Niebuhr

Ajay Chadha

Balloon 27 (B27)

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