[MobilePRwire] – Weresoft announces the release of Odd Minos for Android tablets and phones. Available now on the Google Play store, Odd Minos is a unique kind of puzzle game with lots of levels to keep players entertained. A version for iPhones and iPads is currently in development.

In the game, players choose from a small assortment of dominoes and place them into the game board, making sure to match the dominoes to the hints built into the board as well as each other. The game was carefully designed to be fun and challenging without being overly complex.

“We wanted to provide a really fun experience that people could enjoy either for hours or just minutes at a time,” said Darryl Mlinar, owner of Weresoft. “We love how easy it is to play Odd Minos while still providing that sense of accomplishment when beating a level.”

Odd Minos is free to download and play. Additional puzzle packs are available for purchase within the game. The developer will also be releasing even more puzzle packs in the near future.

Odd Minos is available now for free on the Google Play store in all supported locales.

Founded in 2013, Weresoft is an independent mobile video game studio based in Seattle, WA. The studio was created by Darryl Mlinar, an industry veteran of over 12 years. His portfolio includes games published by Glu Mobile, EA, Disney, and Activision.

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