Indie Game Developer gambles all with Six Skills

[MobilePRwire] – Why make mobile games when the market is saturated? There are over 1.2 million games on the iOS app store, most of them designed to make money first and entertain last. “I want to make and give away a game that I would love to play with no strings attached.”

“Six Skills” represents a new paradigm in casual gaming. Unlike other games, “Six Skills” is completely free with no in-app purchases. In development for six months, this game will be hugely popular yet make no money. The primary goal being to put its developer on the map for future projects.

To create a very sticky game, “Six Skills” was reverse engineered. Starting from a very easy and satisfying one-touch input mechanism the developer went on to evolve 12 unique skill based casual games, before whittling them down to the 6 best games. Concentrating purely on gameplay and a brand new game mechanic this title will hopefully become a worldwide hit.

Each of the six games is designed to be controlled with a single touch, making it very easy and enjoyable to play. Gameplay is king. Everything that is not gameplay is stripped away. These skills will take time to master.
Players will experience a very rewarding feeling as they develop their skills up to an expert level. They will have to master each skill game to unlock the next. With a very carefully designed difficulty curve, the payoff for completing each game is the unlocking of an entirely new game.

Manouver – Magnet – Grapple – Land – Bounce and Target, Six full games and over 160 levels will give players weeks of fun and challenge.

SixSkills is now available on iOS and Google Play for smartphones and tablet devices.

Six Skills is now available on iOS and Google Play for smartphones and tablet devices.

Six games in one – 160 levels – Weeks of gameplay – free to play – no in-app purchases.

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