InstaTxtr goes 2.0, relaunches as a comprehensive photo edit

[MobilePRwire] – InstaTxtr, the iPhone app, initially built with simple & fun photo texting & filters for Instagram, now relaunches with version 2.0 as a full-fledged photo editor with comprehensive features. This new version comes complete with photo cropping & transformation tools, new filter packs & gorgeous light-leak overlay/texture & frame packs, which each can blend with any colors to create a myriad combinations of beautiful textures and frames for your photos & share them on Instagram & Facebook etc

InstaTxtr, a must-have photo effect & texting iPhone app for Instagram, now relaunches with version 2.0 as a full-fledged photo editor with comprehensive features. The new InstaTxtr 2.0 is an all-in-one photo editing app that has every tool to let the users edit their photos in just a matter of seconds to what they desire for sharing on their favorite photo sharing or social media networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr & more.

One of the unique features of InstaTxtr 2.0 that cannot be found in other photo editing apps is it comes with 24 & 28 beautiful & fancy photo frames & light-leak textures/overlays respectively, which each can blend with any colors through the selection of a color palette to create a myriad combination of gorgeous overlays/textures & frames for your photos.

InstaTxtr 2.0 also provides the users with capabilities of editing & taking photos in full & square sizes. It comes with cropping tools with 13 presets that allow the users to easily crop the photos into various preferred sizes without having to rely on third-party photo editing apps. The version 2.0 also comes with 4 new packs of filters which make up a total of 81 new photo filters.

The photo frames included with InstaTxtr 2.0 also let users use them for various sizes of photos, including the popular square for Instagram. It also includes the Square frame that allows Instagrammers to post full sized photos to Instagram; coupled with the cropping tools, allow the users to spark creativities easily for making many different sizes & positions of photos within a square frame to post on Instagram.

The InstaTxtr 2.0 will be released in the Apple app store today. All new features will be delivered as free for the existing users except the 4 new filter packs which can be purchased via in-app purchase at ultra-low prices. New features at a glance are as follows:

1. 4 new filter packs: Tone, Color, Glow & Tone 2 which each contains 27, 21, 13 & 20 filters respectively

2. 28 beautiful & fancy light-leak overlays/textures & photo frames to suit various sizes & square for Instagram

3. Ability to add multiple texts to photos, including gestures of drag, pinch to zoom in & zoom out to resize text & rotate texts. And more color options for texts.

4. Cropping & transformation tools: 13 preset cropping tools including Original, 1:1 (Square), 9:16, 4:6, 5:7, 3:4, 8:10, 16:9, 6:4, 7:5, 4:3, 10:8 & Free.

5. Square-ready frame to allow you to post entire photo to Instagram; which supports drag & pinch gestures to position, resize & rotate the non-square photo within the square frame respectively.

6. Redesigned of various adjustments including brightness, contrast, clarity, exposure, gamma, saturation, sharpen, vibrance & vignette

7. Camera is able to take picture in square mode or full size.

8. Flexible in-app settings for taking or editing photo at max resolution, auto finalize filter & overlays, image editing with history etc.

For more details about the new features, users can visit our website… and stay tuned with the news section for the upcoming feature-rich releases including more gorgeous textures, adjustable filters & a universal version of the app that fits all iOS devices including iPad.

The future of InstaTxtr iOS app will be dedicated & focused on adding more features with fun & straightforward interface design, to allow the the users to easily spark creativities with their photos to share on various social networks to wow their friends or loved ones including Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr & Twitter etc.

Chee (“Christopher”) Ket Yung is an independent mobile app developer and an Instagram enthusiast who is on a mission to help people across the world have more fun with their Instagram photos and videos. He’s developed a number of iOS apps for Instagram lovers including the AvFX video editing and filter app,InstaLiveFX photo filter app which can be found in the Apple App Store.

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