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[MobilePRwire] – Join “Jester Penguin” in his very first fun cartoon adventure game as he tries to impress his penguin friends. Suitable for all ages, this fast action yet simple, 3D cartoon has you racing for popularity.

Jester Penguin is a comical character whose actions have a very “Looney Tunes” feel to them.

The game has Jester throwing himself down slippery slopes and navigating his way down towards his penguin friends. The faster he goes the more popularity he gains. On the way he can collect fish and perform stunts like loop-the-loops for bonuses.

Progressive levels are unlocked by doing well. The score indication in the top left will go green when you have done well enough for that stage. Should Jester not make it down, the player is rewarded with funny “fail” animations which add to the zany style.

The sound effects and music are stereotypical and add to the feel of an interactive cartoon. The volume of these can be changed in a settings screen for those who prefer quieter gaming.

Controlling Jester is a simple case of just tilting. Tilt forward to walk/go faster, back to slow down, left and right to turn.

The game operates well in either landscape or portrait and the 3D graphics scale to look good and work well on both small phones and tablets alike.

Popularity is logged to the web and sums up to display a most popular table.

A name for your scores is prompted when you first start the game. The email is optional and will be used to notify updates and offer game prizes if submitted.

AS-Int is a very small “indie” studio that started this year making small Android titles. Aaron, their main developer has been programming for many years in diverse fields including military applications.

Their small size helps make them appreciative and responsive to comments.

An independant software development studio, headed by Aaron Booth. With over 25 Years development experience, we come with a history in diverse fields including: military, security and entertainment.

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