Island Tribe 3 Released on Android

[MobilePRwire] – Today Realore announces the release of its resource-management game Island Tribe 3 on Google Play. During its release on PC it topped the charts of casual gaming portals. After its success on PC the game was released on iOS. Today the game is coming to Android users.

Island Tribe is a classical casual strategy title that lets players travel through beautiful tropical landscapes. Along the way players solve time-management puzzles and explore the surrounding areas in search of hidden artifacts. Every level of the game provides players with an exciting challenge and unexpected discoveries. There is something new in every level whether it is a wild animal that the players encounter or a wondrous contraption they can use to their advantage. The 3d installment of the Island Tribe series boasts improved visuals and a variety of environmental details.

The game features 4 difficulty settings: Hard, Normal, Easy and No Time that allow all kinds of players have their own kind of fun. Seasoned time-management veterans get a chance to test their skills in harder modes. Casual players can relax and enjoy the atmosphere of the adventure in the tropics with no pressure from the timer.


Resource-management game with hidden object elements
New playable characters
Dozens of beautiful wild animals
44 colorful levels

Realore (…) is a software company that has been creating and publishing casual, social games, games for mobile phones and other platforms (flash, Mac, Pocket PC, Nintendo DS, iPhone, iPad) since 2002. The company has published more than 60 titles and won fans all over the world. Today Realore is known as a successful developer and publisher that provides a full range of services including games’ production, distribution and marketing. Its ultimate mission is to create high quality entertainment software that will bring fun and relaxation to players of all ages.

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