Island Tribe gets a Google Play release

[MobilePRwire] – Realore announces the release of their casual strategy game Island Tribe on Android devices. The best-selling title was previously released on PC, iOS, Mac and Windows 8, and got great reviews from both players and the press. The game tells a story of a peaceful tribe forced to escape their home-island because of an erupting volcano.

Far off in the big blue sea there was an island. It was inhabited by a peaceful tribe who spent their days socializing under the warm sun and eating exotic fruits. But one day an ancient volcano that stood right in the centre of the island started to erupt. The Islanders’ home village was doomed to be buried under lava. Now the tribesmen have no choice but to move towards the ocean hoping to escape the danger. Their path lies through traitorous jungles, swaps and mountains full of wild animals.

Players’ mission is to help the islanders reach the sea and build a ship to leave the island before it disappears from the face of the earth. Island Tribe features 30 levels set across 3 colourful episodes. To complete each level players must clear the path of obstacles, collect various items and repair broken buildings needed to produce required resources. Gameplay of Island Tribe combines the best features of time and resource management genres to deliver a rewarding casual game experience.

Feature Highlights:
*Beautiful tropic island to explore
* 30 challenging levels
* 3 colourful episodes set in various locations
* Challenging time/resource management gameplay

Realore (…) is a software company that has been creating and publishing casual, social games, games for mobile phones and other platforms (flash, Mac, Pocket PC, Nintendo DS, iPhone, iPad) since 2002. The company has published more than 60 titles and won fans all over the world. Today Realore is known as a successful developer and publisher that provides a full range of services including games’ production, distribution and marketing. Its ultimate mission is to create high quality entertainment software that will bring fun and relaxation to players of all ages.

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