KEEP AN EYE: Instantly be notified if someone touches your laptop

[MobilePRwire] – After reaching top #3 overall in App Store PT, Keep An Eye is now available worldwide for both iPhone and Android.

Paradigma Lda. just released for both iOS and Android, the app Keep An Eye monitors computers and notifies their owners whenever uninvited ‘guests’ lay their hands on unwelcome territory.

Keep An Eye is extremely simple. It takes advantage of technologies supported by modern browsers, therefore nothing needs to be installed on the computer one wishes to keep an eye on. The user simply has to open https://keepaneye… on the computer, open Keep An Eye app on the iPhone or Android and point the camera at the QR Code being displayed in the browser.

Messages are instantly delivered through Push Notification (iOS) or Google Cloud Messaging (Android) whenever one of the following events occur:
* a key gets pressed
* mouse moves
* web browser is no longer the front-most window
* computer physically moves (using built-in accelerometers)
* computer is turned off

Simple and magic! Leaving a laptop alone for a few moments is now safe and secure. The slightest movement on the laptop will trigger an alert on the owner’s phone, which in many scenarios still gives enough time for the owner to catch the unwanted hands in action.

The app is available worldwide for just $0.99 in the US and is priced accordingly in other regions. A free ad-supported version is also available for Android.

Please visit https://keepaneye… for more on Keep An Eye, which includes a presentation video. The video can also be downloaded (or embed on any websites) at http://vimeo….

Keep An Eye is developed and maintained by Paradigma Lda. Their business focus is on the design and development of mobile apps with innovative user interactions.

Read the full press release at…

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